The English full name Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK, referred to CSSAUK, is under the guidance of the Education Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK, the official national student of Chinese students and scholars. The organisation is also the largest Chinese community in the UK.

Since its establishment in 1988, the CSSAUK has been in the 26th year. It currently has more than 170,000 members of the Chinese students and scholar groups. Their educational backgrounds include undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees. As a social and service group of Chinese students and scholars in the UK, the CSSAUK has more than 100 local academic associations in six regions including London, South, North, Central, Greater Manchester and Northern Ireland territory. Through long-term communication and cooperation, a mature and efficient network has been formed, ensuring the smooth flow of information exchange channels between members. At the same time, the All-England Academic Association has become an overseas governing unit of state-level groups such as the European and American Alumni Association, the China Association of Overseas Students, and the like because of its strong academic atmosphere.

The CSSAUK adheres to the spirit of patriotism, democracy, unity and truth-seeking, and safeguards the interests of the motherland and safeguards the rights and interests of scholars and scholars in the UK. The CSSAUK has always adhered to the principle of serving the international students wholeheartedly, and to protect the students and scholars’ personal and property safety, enrich the amateur cultural life of students and scholars, solve the difficulties encountered by students and scholars during their lives in the UK, and build a platform for exchanges between students and scholars. Sino-British academic exchanges, promote China’s excellent traditional culture, and enhance the cohesiveness and patriotic enthusiasm of Chinese students and scholars. The CSSAUK has now basically realized the integration and development of the service and development of Chinese students and scholars. From deciding to study abroad, preparing for departure, entering customs clearance, studying in the UK, academic exchanges, employment internships, and then returning to China to start a business, students and scholars can be on the official website of the All England Federation and issue the publication “British Scholars”. Find relevant help information in the English Handbook.

As a group representing Chinese students and scholars in the UK, the CSSAUK has established and maintained a long-term and friendly basis for cooperation with other Chinese communities in the UK. Through years of accumulation and development, the CSSAUK has also conducted long-term exchanges and cooperation with the British government, the Scottish local government, the Greater London District Government, and the Higher Education Commission. At the same time, the CSSAUK maintains close liaison with many well-known British technology, education and trade institutions, and establishes strategic partnerships, such as the UK Department of Commerce and Investment, the Central and Eastern Regional Economic Development Agency, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the China-Britain Trade Association. 48 groups, the British Chinese Finance Association, the British Chinese Engineers Association, the British Chinese Life Sciences Society. In addition, the All-China Union has a high level of exchange and cooperation with many Chinese-based overseas institutions, world-renowned Chinese companies and their offices in the UK, such as Bank of China and China UnionPay.

With the steady improvement of China’s national strength and the vigorous development of various undertakings, talent development has become the key to determining future development and progress. Advancing with the times, using science and technology to promote innovation, using reform to promote development, and using talents to achieve progress, has also become the talent strategy of the CSSAUK. As a carrier, the CSSAUK promotes the exchange of talents and science and technology and promotes the development of high-end talents to become a new development direction. In the past work, the CSSAUK in the support of the Education Office of the British Embassy in the UK, responded to the implementation of the National Thousand Talents Development Strategy, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces. The city has successfully held a series of high-level talent exchange activities, which attracted the participation of outstanding talents from all the famous universities in the UK. At the same time, it helped introduce a number of world-class advanced technology patents and entrepreneurial teams, which was unanimously affirmed by domestic cooperation units. And appreciated.

In the future, we will be deeply proud of the realisation of our dreams, and we will remember them in the wonderful life of yesterday. The CSSAUK brings together outstanding young talents from all over the UK to bring together honesty and promote development. With their intelligence and conviction, they will strive to contribute to the prosperity of the motherland and the rejuvenation of the nation.